We proudly present you our selected collection of unique pieces handcrafted for you, with a lot of "AMOR" by our talented artisans
  • Out of my passion I created my vision

    Welcome to Luna VIva! I am pleased to share with you my passion for handicrafts and my admiration for the handmade work that results in a unique and different style.
    I founded Luna Viva in October 2009 with the intention of sharing the wonderful artwork of Mexico's talented artisans.
    In addition to my passion for crafts.
    I love to travel. So I combined both passions into a single purpose in life and embarked on a wonderful journey through the Americas, full of unique and beautiful things that tell stories that make them even more special; just like each one of us.
    My vision is to make these unique pieces a vehicle to recognise ourselves as unique beings and a way to value the work of the people who with "AMOR" produce them, and who with their works leave us a legacy and a history that is woven with our own.
    Luna Viva
  • Luna Viva

    Be a part of Luna Viva value chain

    Over time I have been able to build a 1 to 1 relationship of both business and friendship with the best artisans in Latin America; always based on my win-win philosophy.
    I am very proud to have built a select collection of unique pieces, always thinking of bringing joy and colour to your life.
    We cooperate with social projects that strengthen the courage of women and men in challenging situations.
    Respect for our mother earth is very important to me, that's why we only produce our unique pieces with the best natural, ecological raw materials and/or recycled materials, which we also buy directly from the manufacturers.
  • A unique and different style to express yourself

    Luna Viva brings you the colourful and empowering lifestyle, full of shapes and colours in the form of embroidery or unique limited edition products.
    These wonderful handcrafted works are weaved together to tell you stories, which are connected to yours in your daily life.
    This is how we help preserve the ancestral traditions of the original peoples of the Americas and continue to make them shine with a touch of modernity.

    I look forward to making your shopping experience unforgettable.

    Vivian de Luna Viva
    Luna Viva