Recycled and 100% handmade

Active environmental protection and traditional craftsmanship are an inseparable unit in this project! From waste such as hoses of old car tires, wrapping paper of sweets, beverage cans or tabs of beverage cans, these new products were created by hand. The project mainly employs women who have very little money. Either because they are single parents or because their families are among the socially weak.

These women not only receive a fair wage for their work - the project also gives them hope and prospects for themselves and their children. In Mexico, it is very common for fathers to shirk the upkeep of their children. The women have no legal opportunity to sue for the money. Therefore, they are the sole breadwinners for themselves and their children. The project transforms the women into artisans who make wonderful new items from garbage! For example, they process the tabs of the beverage cans into extraordinary chic bags that will guarantee the wearer admiring glances!

The project is in central Mexico and is supported by the population. In all schools in the city, the students collect tabs of beverage cans for the project. These are then put together by the artisans, who live in their villages in different regions of Mexico, into unique bags & accessories. You can wear them with a clear conscience! The material consists of one hundred percent recycled material, the production is done by hand without the use of fossil fuels.

True to the motto:

Reduce, reuse, and recycle!

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