Recycled and 100% handmade

A project built on the foundation of sustainability and the talent of artisans who breathe life into each of their creations with their art. Each piece is unique!

The producers

The team that makes the glass pieces are people who dream and fight for a better future on a clean and waste-free planet. The artisan glassblowers come from nearby communities in rural areas in the suburbs of the city of Xaquixe in Mexico. Each of them has learned the art of glassmaking until they have fully mastered the technique and even developed their creations. This can take years.

Recycle, reuse, recycle, reduce

Energy recovery

Our producers are pioneers in the use of energy. The ovens in which the pieces are melted work in part with recycled burnt oil from kitchens. This is recovered from hotels and restaurants in Mexico City and used to fire the ovens.

Glass recycling

The glass from previously collected used bottles is crushed and washed to be used in the production of various utensils such as glasses, jugs, tequila glasses, cups, and other products. In this way, Luna Viva and our producers put our grain of sand into better management of waste, finding an alternative use for it.

Use of organic waste

For more than three years, our producers have been working on the development of a "biodigester*" that allows the use of organic waste for energy production.

*A biodigester is a container or tank (hermetically sealed) that is filled with organic waste. Inside, the organic matter decomposes to generate biogas, a fuel that can be used for cooking, heating water, and producing electricity, through a gas generator.