• We made Sustainable and ecologically products for fashion heroes with social responsibility

    I am convinced that it is only through relationships based on love and trust that we are able to create social responsibility.
    I believe that every company should be based on these two principles, which are basic for the development of any economy in the world and thus do our bit and leave a better world than the one we received.
    I focus on achieving my goals with great passion and enthusiasm, because I am aware of the impact this has on the artisans, the environment, the happiness of my customers and, of course, on the profits of Luna Viva.
    In the end, it is only through the generation of economic abundance that I will be able to pay salaries above the minimum wages set by law in the countries of origin of our products.
    We also make sure that we produce only with natural and ecological materials. Do you want to be part of this philosophy?
    I would be happy to welcome you in our Pop Up Store and Café or in our Onlie Shop. Thank you for being here!

    Vivian de Luna Viva & Team