Embroidery for a living

With every piece of clothing from this wonderful foundation that you buy, you are helping the embroiderers and their families to create a better life for themselves! They can offer their children a future while preserving their tradition!

Our new fashion collection will be available from May 2019 exclusively in our showroom in Schorndorf!

Depending on traditions, skills, and interests, the Foundation also supports individual communities in rural Mexico in the development of entrepreneurial group activities such as the Craft Development Program. The aim is to make better use of and develop the talents and abilities of the people, as well as to increase the competitiveness and available financial resources for these groups. For example, the production of honey, chocolate, jam, or the production of fabrics using traditional weaving techniques is supported.

Colorful works and fair prices

When a group has chosen a project, the funds are made available from two sources: the savings of the group and the donations the Foundation receives. The employees from the foundation support the group in the preparation of a business plan and offer the necessary training for the success of the project. Alicia Hernandes (photo far right) grew up in the mountains of Chiapas, a rural region in southeast Mexico. A region strongly influenced by the culture and traditions of indigenous groups. Ever since Alicia joined the Foundation's Craft Development Program, her life has changed. There is space for continuous education and support for a better organization as a craftswoman. It also gives the group access to new ways to sell their products at better prices. Their professional development is linked to participation in training to improve self-confidence and promote equality. So she has managed to increase her income. Meanwhile, she has become a change model for other women in her community.

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