Guadalupe and Francisco are the creators of this creative project in which 15 people armed with their hands, cardboard, paste, glue, paint, and brushes make figures of all kinds.

This idea started 20 years ago as a hobby and intention to save the Mexican cardboard technique, in the process our producers have given free rein to creativity and artistic design.

The technique is mastered after years of work and effort.

It consists of superimposing layers of paper on a mold and drying in the sun, then being removed from the mold and painted. This means that other than solar and human energy, no great energy resources are needed to make these jewelry pieces.

The shapes and colors of each of the pieces represent in themselves the Mexican visual culture and its festivals, such as the Day of the Dead. What begins in the mind of an artisan ends in the materialization of a cardboard dream full of color and love. The elaboration of a single piece can take 2 or 3 days and, in some cases, up to 8 days.

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