The idea was conceived by our founder who dreamed of a shoe created from recycled and sustainable products, during the search in Mexico initially we did not reach an agreement with the artisans.

During our trajectory we had always had workers in our store who came from Colombia, we always felt that the culture of this country is also full of manual arts and cheerful, hardworking, and talented people. They had told us about their country and how traditional the handicrafts, clothing, and footwear are. They told us about a very traditional shoe called apargatas that were used in many regions of Colombia. 

Later we met Cristina Duque who is a distant relative of one of our employees, she is a designer and wanted to work with us, besides that she liked the vision of our work and wanted to participate in the shoe project designing and being our contact in Colombia.

After we told her about our idea, she contacted one of her teachers who is a shoemaker "Carlos Cordoba", he has a small workshop where he has been repairing and producing shoes for many years.

We started looking for materials to produce them with, initially, we thought about vegan fabrics and tire soles.

Carlos made a couple of samples in order to see first, what kind of shoes he could produce and the quality of them. In 2019 we received the first samples, which were presented at Tollwood in Munich, where they received a great reception. 

We decided to visit Colombia in February 2020 and get to know a little closer its culture, full of manual arts also and super talented people, we visited Medellin city where Cristina and Carlos's workshop is located.

Cristina is an empowered woman who always has a smile on her face and is super collaborative, she has only her 7-year-old son and her husband who unfortunately had a stroke that left him disabled, she is the one who runs the household, and she is a very hard working woman.

Carlos has dedicated his life to the art of shoemaking, he has the experience, especially in leather, he has always produced by hand, he lives with his wife, she has Alzheimer's and he takes care of her, the reason why he became independent to be able to take care of her. 

As for the fabrics, we found a contact that makes hammocks in Colombia and they supply us with the leftover scraps to make the shoes, the soles are made for us, and they are made with used tires.

The shoes are vegan and recycled 

espadrilles 97% recycled, boots 90% recycled.

In March 2020 we received the first order, unfortunately, because of the Corona it was not possible to market so quickly, but we are sure that the initiative is valued by many people, and we want to continue to encourage the purchase of Fair and sustainable products and each pair is unique.

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