From soul to soul.
We know how much you appreciate the wonderful handwork of our talented artisans.
That's why we dedicate so much of our efforts to working hand in hand with them to develop unique pieces that will make you smile.

    Hola, soy Vivian! Luna Viva is a place that I have lovingly crated to make you feel unique and special. As a great admirer of handmade work, I undertook almost 15 years ago a wonderful journey to Mexico and now also in Latin America.
    This is how I have come to know the true origins of the great artists in this ancestral Continent rich in millenary cultures.
    I am in love with the unique pieces, because behind them are told the stories of the heart and soul who made them and that makes me admire and respect the invaluable work of their artistic hands.
    I also know my customers personally and I realise that artisans and customers are not so different. That's why my passion is to connect the destiny of artisans and customers through garments that weave stories together.
    Luna Viva
  • Luna Viva


    Environmental sustainability plays an important role in our values.
    That's why we only use ecological, recycled and environmentally sustainable raw materials in the manufacture of our designs, which makes them even more unique and authentic.
    Part of my philosophy is that quality is a principle of sustainability, as our products do not follow fashion trends.
    They are classic pieces finished to the finest detail, that can be worn over time. So, your Luna Viva garments will be with you for many years to come, and together we contribute to making an impact on the planet.


During this wonderful trip with Luna Viva, I have become aware of the pitiful situation that most of the artisans in Mexico and Latin America live in.
I am very conscious of the social responsibility I have with my team of artisans, so I pay prices based on a win-win basis.
In addition to the fact that there are no intermediaries,our clients pay an honest price and so we have a virtuous circle for everyone involved in the value chain of Luna Viva.
We are very happy to hear that you want to be part of our movement. Together we can make a difference.

Luna Viva