Angelita purple


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Decorative cardboard figure in the form of a small woman with wings in purple. Expert hands and craftsmanship have conceived and elaborated this beautiful figure, perfect for decorating the house at any time of year. Each piece is unique. This piece represents femininity in a non-traditional way and alludes to goodness through angel wings. Each piece is sculpted by hand and painted in vibrant colors and floral patterns that highlight the power of feminine beauty. This piece was made by Mexican artisans and traded in a fair and transparent way. This product has not yet been approved by the Fair Band. There may be minimal variations in colour, shape and size. This is not a flaw but proof of real handwork and that it is a natural product.

Material: 100% cardboard
Length: Approx. 9 cm
Heigth: Approx. 14 cm
Width: Approx. 5 cm
Others: Papier-mâché
Vegan: yes
Origin: Mexico

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