Gordita Guapa turquoise


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Decorative cardboard figure in the form of a seated woman with wings in turquoise blue. This figure was made by hand using the technique of "cartonería mexicana", in which many individual layers of paper are placed on a mold, which are then dried in the sun and then each piece is painted by hand. It can take an artisan at least 2 or 3 days and some up to 8 days to finish each piece. The cheerful colors of the piece are a representation of the richness of Mexican visual culture. Each piece is hand sculpted and painted with bright colors and floral patterns that highlight the power of feminine beauty. Interesting fact: Tlanchana is a word that has its origin in Nahuatl, the language of ancient Mexicans. It means " mermaid, goddess of water, daughter of the moon". She is the lady of the water and represents the strength and femininity of women. The origin of "La Tlanchana" is prehispanic in Metepec Mexico. She was represented in a figure made of clay. There may be minimal variations in colour, shape and size. This is not a flaw but proof of real handwork and that it is a natural product.

Material: 100% cardboard
Length: Approx. 12 cm
Heigth: Approx. 15 cm
Width: Approx. 12 cm
Others: Papier-mâché
Vegan: yes
Origin: Mexico

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