Mouth blown medium glass black set


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Recycled Cocktail glass as a set.
Our medium glass tumbler has been manufactured in Oaxaca, Mexico but its history goes further than that. The glass is recycled from used bottles, which have been crushed and washed. The energy for its production came from recycled cooking oil.
The individual glasses and the set are also available in purple, light green, dark green, transparent, pink, white and mixed colors. This product has not yet been approved by the Fair Band. There may be minimal variations in colour, shape and size. This is not a flaw but proof of real handwork and that it is a natural product.

Material: Recycled glass-heat resistant
Length: 0,3 l
Heigth: approx. 9,5 cm
Width: approx. 8 cm
Closure: Ring
Vegan: yes
Origin: Mexico

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