Belt Witty


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Tasteful, slightly rustic-looking belt in silver-black. It can just as well be worn with jeans as with a skirt or dress. The base of the timeless belt is made from the hoses of old car tires. Then the silver-colored lock rings of empty beverage cans are sewn on. The upcycling belt is handmade by Mexican artisans for a local non-governmental organization. The workers receive a fair pay. There may be minimal variations in colour, shape and size. This is not a flaw but proof of real handwork and that it is a natural product.
Material: Recycled can taps and car tubes
Length: five different lengths selectable; the indicated length may vary slightly and is calculated without the length of the metal closure.
Metal closure: length approx. 4 cm; height: 4,5 cm
Width: approx. 3 cm
Closure: Vegan: yes
Origin: Mexico

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